We specialize in transforming architectural spaces through the language of light.

Our expertise as lighting consultants facilitates the creation of the perfect lighting solution, positively influencing spaces and transcending our clients' expectations. From private residences to retail spaces and commercial buildings, we believe that lighting is a powerful design tool that can dramatically impact the outcome of a project and enhance human experience.

Customized Solutions. We are an end-to-end lighting solution provider. We collaborate with developers, architects, and interior designers to develop lighting solutions.

Our comprehensive knowledge of architectural construction and how it responds to illumination is key — our understanding of how lighting influences an environment and reacts to various materials enables us to transform the space and the people who inhabit it. By bridging the gap between creativity and engineering, we also help our clients navigate the landscape of the lighting world.

Lighting Consultation, Facilitation & Peer Reviews

Lighting Design and Specification

Photometric Analysis

Lighting Control Strategy

Site Aiming and Control Adjustments

Lighting Sustainability Analysis

Our Philosophy

Light can remain discreet or it can become the focus of all attention, never both. Lighting suffuses a space and creates atmospheres, guides function, grows brand identity, and affects human emotions and behaviour. The right lighting solution can enable a space or a piece of architecture to fulfil its potential.

The lighting industry is complex. Lighting decisions and design should be thought through and integrated into a project early, and not as an afterthought. Our tailored solutions include being a part of the design process early and educating our clients on how a project should be illuminated. We believe the success of a project relies on an open-minded and collaborative relationship with the design team and our client.

“Light is the most important person in the picture” Claude Monet

Our Process

By bridging the gap between creativity and engineering, we help our clients navigate the landscape of the lighting world. Our process is proven and it serves the design process with our clients:

  • Project Context
  • Design Expectation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Coordination Drawings
  • Quality Control
  • Construction Administration
  • Site Commissioning

Nemesis Coffee

Architect: Perkins & Will
Square footage: 2,335sf

The Nemesis Coffee Shop, located at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design campus on Great Northern Way is a uniquely organic building, resembling the petals of a flower. ThinkL worked with the Perkins & Will’s design team and Nemesis‘s team to develop a fluid and integrated lighting solution to soften the space and glow through the internal ceiling fins. This project was designed and built during the first phase of the pandemic which brought a special level of complexity.

Microsoft Office - Vancouver

Architect: Perkins+Will
Square footage: 15,000sf

The high-tech office expansion maintained the original concept by integrating luminaires into the architectural framework, preventing glare and delicately accentuating shapes with soft illumination. Upward glow created depth, reduced glare over work surfaces, and surpassed energy codes. Additional elements, like scrum areas, were optimally lit. The wellness room features a serene atmosphere with a large backlit ceiling promoting tranquility. Overall, the design blends architectural finesse with functionality.


Quiambao Loft

Designer: Shift Interiors
Square footage: 1,741 sf

Leckie Studio approached ThinkL to provide a modular lighting solution for the new display center for their client, Bosa Properties. The objective was to have an adaptive lighting system that could be re-arranged when the sales center changed the developments and layouts that were being displayed. ThinkL provided a lighting solution that utilized DALI addressable track luminaires. The intention was to create layers of ambient and accent lighting which could easily be re-positioned, re-aimed and re-grouped in new control zones to adapt to the dynamic environment.

BOSA Presentation Center

Architect: Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc.
Developer: BOSA Properties
Square footage: 6,700 sf

Leckie Studio approached ThinkL to provide a modular lighting solution for the New display center of their client Bosa Properties. The objective was to have an adaptive lighting system that could be re-arranged for each sales season over the years to come. ThinkL provided a lighting concept of DALI addressable track luminaire that provide ambient and accent lighting and which could easily move around the display center and reposition anywhere on the track system, and be reprogrammed for a new use.

Third Space Properties

Designer: Monarc Interiors - Square footage: 5,570 sf

Thisproject was a fast pace lighting consultation. The designers, Monarc Interior,already had a developed vision for the new headquarters for this quicklygrowing development company, Third Space. Bold, efficient and sustainablelighting solutions were proposed by ThinkL to meet the project schedule,designer expectations and the client budget.

AndCo Offices

AndCo Offices

Architect: Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc.
Square footage: 32,000sf

The coworking project faced unique challenges, managed by the client-turned-project manager. Spanning levels 2 to 4 of a tower, it demanded luxury, ample light, and varied spaces. Despite Covid-19 disruptions, resilient teams navigated supply issues. A BIOS lighting system addressed circadian impact, while dimmable luminaires and sophisticated controls optimized energy use and user experience. The result? A seamlessly integrated space blending design, technology, and functionality amidst adversity.

AndCo Offices
AndCo Offices
AndCo Offices
AndCo Offices

Carlino Restaurant

Architect: Zara Sangha Square footage: 5,200sf

The downtown Vancouver Shangri-La Hotel Restaurant renovation faced challenges but success fully transitioned to LED lighting with dim-to-warm technology. Collaboration among stakeholders was key. Lighting tailored to each space created diverse atmospheres, integrated with millwork and accent elements. Innovative wireless controls allowed for versatile ambiance scenes. Sustainability was prioritized with energy-efficient LEDs and occupancy sensors. Overall, the project exemplifies excellence in lighting design, enhancing the dining experience.

Carlino Restaurant
Carlino Restaurant
Carlino Restaurant
Carlino Restaurant
Carlino Restaurant

Beauty Studio

Architect: DK Studio - Square footage: 435 sf

Chanel engaged ThinkL Studio to develop the first Beauty Studio concept in North America. ThinkL assisted the client with converting European design and specifications for the Canadian market and provided mock-ups, specifications and lighting analysis to replicate the lighting intentions of the French store. ThinkL also introduced fixture dimming for the complete store to balance brightness and accent between merchandise and millwork details.

YVR 14

Architect: B+H Architects
Square footage: 4265+sf (lobby) + 2,750 sf (café/lounge)

B+H Architects involved ThinKL Studio to coordinate the lighting design of this office building lobby, as well as integrate the tenant design scheme into the existing base building. ThinkL also created an inviting and refreshing lighting scheme for the main office amenity.

501 Newport

Designers: Andrea Rodman Interiors & Scott Posno Design - Square footage: 8,000sf

This 8,000 sf residence in Victoria was an amazing collaboration with Andrea Rodman Interiors and Scott Posno architect Design. ThinkL developed the architectural lighting concept through the different rooms of the house and produced all design and construction documentation for the interior and exterior lighting including lighting plans, photometric calculations, specifications and coordinated details. The ThinkL team was involved through the construction phase to assist the contractors and ensure the design intent was maintained and the procurement of fixtures was as easy as possible. 

NOX Restaurant

NOX Restaurant

Architect: Leckie Studio Architecture + Design Inc.
Square footage: 2,800sf

NOX Restaurant
NOX Restaurant
NOX Restaurant
  • B+H
  • CBRE
  • microsoft

Our team has an expansive skill-set that enables us to do more for our clients, and do it better.

We are passionate, forward thinking, and approachable individuals. Each team member brings their background, experience, knowledge, and perspective to the project. We believe in delivering personalized service and having honest and enjoyable relationships with the people we work with. We believe in delivering exceptional work.


Sebastien Panouille
LC - Founder, Principal, Lighting Consultant

Sebastien is a NCQLP Certified senior Lighting Designer, founder, and principal of ThinkL Studio with 14 years of experience. His background in lighting design, electrical contracting and engineering, and lighting controls enables him to foresee the outcome of small to large-scale projects, composing lighting schemes based on the design team and client's vision within the project schedule and budget. Sebastien's mission as a Lighting Consultant and Educator is to offer lighting services for every project no matter what the budget and scale.

Jason Nicholls
LC, WELL AP, BDes, IndD - Lighting Consultant, Project Manager

Jason is an NCQLP Certified Lighting Designer with over 7 years of experience in the lighting design industry. Jason has a variety of experience in lighting design realization, the overall design process, specification of fixtures and controls, custom fixture development, and lighting consultation.

Doug McMillan
Associate, IALD - Senior Lighting Designer, Project Manager

As an award-winning Associate IALD Lighting Designer, Doug has over 22 years of experience in the lighting design field. During his time as a lighting designer, he has been involved in a variety of projects including Art Installations, Museums, Multi-Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, High-Rise office towers, Public Realm lighting, Commercial Applications, Exterior lighting, Educational, Recreational, Rail and Air Transit Facilities, and Healthcare Facilities.

Luciana Savaris

Luciana Savaris
M. LD - Designer

With a background in design, Luciana offers a unique and visually captivating approach to illuminating spaces. Her expertise as both a graphic designer and interior designer greatly contribute to effectively portraying and integrating lighting design concepts into projects. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Lighting Design at Wismar University of Applied Sciences in Germany, she continues to deepen her knowledge and skills in this field.

Nataly Safir

Nataly Safir
Lighting Designer

With a multidisciplinary academic background, a passion for illumination as an element of space definition, and a deep understanding of how it affects human experience Nataly is a lighting designer with a wealth of worldwide expertise on projects of diverse scale. Nataly has experience working in Asia, Europe and America in a variety of market sectors including commercial, hospitality, institutional and residential projects as well as outdoor lighting and landscape projects.

Libia Portilla

Libia Portilla
Junior Lighting Designer

Libia, an adept professional in interior design and architecture, channels her passion and profound design insight. Having honed her skills in various firms, she discovered a fervor for lighting, recognizing its pivotal role in space creation. Her expertise in design proves instrumental in effectively representing and visualizing lighting design within projects.

Victor Duran

Victor Duran
B.Arch - CAD/BIM Technician

With 7+ years as an architect, Victor excels in design and construction, actively contributing to projects of varied scales. His expertise includes coordination with Developers, Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, and more. At ThinkL Studio, Victor applies his extensive experience in Computer-aided Design, specializing in retail, residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. Proficient in drafting, 3D modeling, and rendering, he prioritizes excellence in lighting design, showcasing a comprehensive skill set.

Alex Webber

Alex Webber
Lighting Technician

With an award-winning background in visual art, instructing visual art classes, gallery curation, and photoshoot staging for websites, Alex became dedicated to working in the interior design field, with a commitment to creativity and bringing clients' visions to life without forgetting the technical components. After discovering the captivating niche lighting industry, Alex is completing her Bachelor's Degree of Interior Design at the British Columbia Institute of Technology to further her education in lighting and design.

Elodie Rivet

Elodie Rivet
Office Manager

Aaron Guzman

Aaron Guzman
PENG Photometric Technician

Aaron is a professional engineer with over 10 year of experience on international projects, specializing in photometric calculations for all space types. Aaron is currently completing his masters degree with a focus on marine lighting applications.

'ThinkL Lighting Studio came to review our needs since others failed to deliver. The team not only met but exceeded our expectations with our lighting dreams in over 5 areas of our home.'

D&K Campbell

'Working with ThinkL has changed the outcome of our projects and made it so much easier to move through the process.'

Shift Interior - Jamie Deck

'ThinkL is by far the most talented lighting design firm we've ever worked with. Once you get to know Sebastien and his team, you will never even think to go anywhere else. Incredible knowledge, creativity and experience.'

Pure Image Technology - Drew Galvin

'We have worked with ThinkL Studio on more than one project now and would highly recommend Sebastien and his team. If you are wanting to elevate your design and make sure the lighting is a special feature, this is the company to work with.'

Andrea Rodman Interiors

We’ve had the pleasure of working with ThinkL for years. Their extensive knowledge of light theory, engineering and control are unparalleled. I would highly recommend working with them

Matthew McCormick

Excellent project manager with depth and breadth of knowledge In lighting and related fields!

Wisdom Esoterica - Matt Wisdom

We worked with ThinkL on lighting projects in the past. Whether it was for a hotel project or a residential design, ThinkL's team was always on top of the details necessary to make the project a success.

Premier Lighting - Kevin McKee

I’ve had the pleasure of working with ThinkL on a couple of successful projects. Their approach is truly collaborative with a strong focus on design excellence from concept ideation to delivery. Their technical expertise ensures the integration of high-performance lighting systems without losing sight of the experiential quality lighting design brings to the built environment.

Perkins + Will - Rufina Wu

Let's collaborate

Your project is specific and unique and lighting design is our first language. ThinkL is committed to creating great work and showing you what is possible. Let's collaborate.

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